It's crazy ,this life.Here I'm sitting in front of a 32 inch screen winking as I type these words.How about peeping into an exaggerated profile of my Journey?Nevermind.I'm Anz. With 20 years experience at living a beautiful and awesome life.A 'to-be' Engineer by passion and choice & one of the ridiculously awesome guys you would ever meet (flattered ).

I'm addicted to Game of thrones.Been a passionate follower of 'The Big Bang Theory' and watching Sci-Fi is next to sleeping for me.The list is endless:Arrow,How I met your mother,Quantico,Two and a half men, community are few of those definite classic and inspirational shows that I keep to my heart.Also been a movie fanatic;especially of the Batman and other superheroes movies.The last one I saw ,called ' Star Trek' was too good a movie to watch without tears.

'Lifephysix'.is a blog in which  I just got my hands on dirty recently. Its inspired from years of laziness.I was too late to realize not every one had a fair chance at life .People dream of making stuff that we see in the Avengers and Star wars.Those little robots that could climb the wall and or those which could shoot a bullet into who come into our room without knocking.It's the realization that ,ideas,irrespective of the promise they hold for the future becomes a trash when whats 's expected of you is to be bookish and score tonnes of mark.World has become too much academi'zed'.Therefore I strictly needed a break.

I chose to ride on a different road.We might not become another Stephen Hawking or a Edison.But sure we do have a chance at becoming a at the least a Nicholas Tesla.That's where Lifephysix is borne.I would be posting Interesting ideas,everyday life hacks and my own simple and crazy project sketches.We do not want to end up like any one in 1.25 billion.We deserve better.

I aspire to become an Aerospace Engineer in a few decades (God bless Me).I want to go to Mars,at the least ,Space. That's my would suffice for my long love for travel (except that this time it would be a space-craft and not a Harley Davidson).You could probably give it a laugh.Many people did.Right now,right here,in my tiny apartment,all I can do is to look up and say 'God,just don't embarrass me after all the trash talking i did a minute ago.'

Good luck ! Chase dreams ! Chase life