Okay.So you are just days from being on show for your school exhibition and you have literally got nothing to show up
? Or that you just realized you need more time to set up your pre-thought project or did your wallet just turned out of stock.

I would probably ask you to stop worrying. Because ,today I'll be sharing  five super cool science experiments that could make your friends and audiences to go WOW.And ,you know what ,this isn't expensive at all .You could make these experiments do wonders using stuff that's available domestically at home or you could just take a walk through you backyard to find the raw materials.

Why choose these simple science experiments to mind blow your audience than some ultra costly projects? 'cause simply science have always amazed people ,made them believe in magic.I could start with the Archimedes floating principle and Light dispersion and go on ..So yes ,you definitely gotta try these.

The Fire Resistant Balloon

Things you will need : Two balloons ,Candles, matches,Water

Doing it the easy way:Fill the first balloon with air and hold it above a lighted candle.BOOM.It will burst with a nerve crackling sound.Now fill the balloon with tap water.Now hold the Balloon above the candle.You would be amazed to see that the balloon doesn't burst.Hell yeah !

Science behind:Learned about the specific capacity of water? Water can absorb large amount of heat before it causes a rise in temperature.Water  in the balloon absorbs all the energy from the candle flame hence the balloon material doesn't burn and hence the balloon doesn't burst..

Rockets with tea bag

Things you will need : Tea bags,Matches or lighters, a ceramic plate or tray

Doing it the easy way:Cut the tea bag on on top side. Remove the tea from the bags .And now turn the bag into a hollow cylinder and place it on the ceramic plate.Your Rocket is daring to go.Just light the top of the bag to see the rocket launches off in style.

Science behind: A burned tea bag is just light as a feather.And as the warm air rushes in ,the tea bags fly due to the small mass of it .

A Real Active Volcano

Things you will need :Modelling clay,Baking soda.washing soap,vinegar,cardboard,Red coloring.

Doing it the easy way.:The first step is to make a volcano shaped cone using cardboard and cut a small hole in the top for the real lava to come out.Now use the modelling clay to texture the cardboard to make it look like a real one.Now place it in a waterproof tray to avoid a mess when the volcano erupts causing overflowing lava.
To the container,add baking soda,red color,and water and then add a few drop of washing soap.stir it well .Now ask your audience to pour few volume of vinegar to the mixture.Be marveled by the beauty of a real time erupting volcano.

Science behind:A neutralisation reaction occurn s between vinegar and bakin soada to produce salt water and carbion dixoed.This gas pushes the colored water through the cut hole at top